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After turning the ignition switch off, waiting time may be required before disconnecting the cable from the battery terminal. Therefore, make sure to read the disconnecting the cable from the battery terminal notice before proceeding with work (See page ).


(a) Pay attention to the following point when servicing.

(1) When the lens of the television camera assembly is dirty, wash the lens with water and wipe it off with a soft cloth to obtain clear images. For heavy dirt, use neutral detergent to clean the lens.


(a) Notes for the television camera assembly

(1) The rear view monitor system may not function properly if subjected to a severe blow by any hard object.

(2) Do not scrub the camera. Scrubbing may scratch the camera and affect the image. Prevent organic solvents, waxes, bond removing solvents or glass coating from adhere to the cover. If such material adheres to the cover, clean it off immediately and wash with water.

(3) Exposing the camera to a sudden temperature change may affect proper functioning of the camera.

(4) A clear image may not appear if the camera is dirty with snow, mud, etc. In that case, wash it with water and wipe off the lens. Use a detergent to remove dirt if necessary.

(5) When washing the vehicle with a high-pressure washer, do not spray water on the television camera assembly or surrounding area. High-pressure water can damage the camera.

(b) Images are difficult to discern even in normal conditions if:

(1) Electrical devices that generate interference are used in the cabin.

(2) Noise may occur in the image if accessories that generate radio waves have been installed.

(3) The camera lens is frosted over (the image immediately after turning the ignition switch to ON may be blurred or darker than normal).

(4) The camera lens is dirty with snow, mud, etc.

(5) A strong beam of light, such as a sunbeam or headlight, hits the camera.

(6) It is too dark around the camera (at night, etc.).

(7) The ambient temperature around the camera is either too high or too low.

(8) The vehicle is tilted at a steep angle.

(9) The television camera assembly lens is scratched.

(10) The television camera assembly lens has drops of water on it or the humidity is high.

(11) When the camera is used under fluorescent lights, sodium lights, or mercury lights etc., the lights and the illuminated area may appear to flicker.

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