Toyota Tundra Service Manual: Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart



If a trouble code is output during the DTC check, inspect the trouble areas listed for that code. For details of the code, refer to the "See page" below.

Rear View Monitor System

DTC Code

Detection Item

See page


Open or Short Circuit in Back Camera Signal

    Open or Short Circuit in Back Camera Signal (C1622)

    Dtc Check / Clear

    See More:

    Toyota Tundra Service Manual > Sfi System: Secondary Air Injection System Switching Valve "A" Circuit (P0412,P0415)
    DESCRIPTION The Secondary Air Injection (AIR) system consists of an air pump, the Air Switching Valve (ASV), a pressure sensor, the Air Injection Control Driver (AID) and the ECM. For a short time after a cold engine start, the AIR system pumps secondary air to the exhaust port of the cylinder head ...

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