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The ECM controls the cruise control system of the vehicle. The data and DTCs relating to the cruise control system can be read from the DLC3 of the vehicle. Use the Techstream to check and solve the problem.


If a vehicle speed sensor, stop light switch assembly or any other related part malfunctions, the ECM cancels control of vehicle speed automatically.

(a) Check the battery voltage with the ignition switch off.

Standard Voltage:

11 to 14 V (Ignition switch off)

If the voltage is below 11 V, replace or recharge the battery before proceeding to the next step.

(b) Check the DLC3.

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(a) Turn the ignition switch ON.

(b) Check that the cruise control indicator illuminates when the cruise control system is turned on using the cruise control main switch, and that the indicator goes out when the cruise control system is turned off using the cruise control main switch. If the results are not as specified, perform the Cruise Main Indicator Circuit inspection procedure.

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Cruise Control Indicator


While driving with the cruise control system controlling vehicle speed, the ECM will automatically cancel control of vehicle speed by the cruise control system when a malfunction occurs in one of the following: stop light switch assembly, or other related parts. When control of vehicle speed by the cruise control system is automatically canceled, the cruise control indicator turns off and a warning message is displayed. At the same time, a DTC is stored.

    Data List / Active Test

    Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart

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