Toyota Tundra Service Manual: Precaution


1. Before disassembly, clean the outside of the front and rear differential assembly and remove any sand or mud to prevent it from entering the assembly during disassembly and installation.

2. When removing connected parts made of a light alloy, such as front and rear differential carrier covers, tap them off with a plastic-faced hammer. Do not attempt to pry them off with a screwdriver.

3. Always arrange disassembled parts in order and protect them from dust.

4. Before installation, thoroughly clean and dry each part and then apply hypoid gear oil LSD to it. Do not use alkaline cleaner for aluminum or rubber parts and ring gear set bolts. Also, do not clean rubber parts such as O-rings or oil seals with non-residue solvent.

5. Coat all sliding surfaces and rotating parts with hypoid gear oil LSD.

6. When holding a part with a vise, be sure to place an aluminum sheet between the part and vise. Do not put the part directly in the vise.

7. Be careful not to damage the contact surfaces of the case. Such damage could cause oil leakage.

8. Before applying new sealant, remove any old sealant and clean the part to be sealed using non-residue solvent.

9. Do not supply oil immediately after installing sealed parts. Leave them for at least an hour.

10. Damage to the surfaces in direct contact with oil seals, O-rings or gaskets could cause oil leakage.

11. When press-fitting an oil seal, be careful not to damage the lip of the oil seal and outside periphery.

12. When replacing a bearing, replace the inner and outer races as a set.

13. Be careful not to damage and deform aluminum parts when clamping them in a vise.

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