Toyota Tundra Owners Manual: Rear seats

Raising the bottom cushion

1. Use the seat belt hangers to prevent the belts from being tangled.

Adjusting the seats

2. Pull and release the lever to unlock while raising the bottom cushion until it locks.

When returning the bottom cushion to its original position, pull and release the lever, then carefully lower the bottom cushion using your other hand.

Adjusting the seats


■When raising the bottom cushion Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may result in death or serious injury.

  • Do not raise the bottom cushion while driving.
  • Stop the vehicle on level ground, set the parking brake and shift the shift lever to P.

■When bottom cushion is raised Do not allow passengers to sit on raised bottom cushion or place anything on storage box (Double Cab models) while driving.

■When returning the seats to their original position Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may result in death or serious injury.

  • Be careful not to get your hands or feet pinched in the seat.
  • Make sure the bottom cushions are securely locked.
  • Check that the seat belts are not twisted or caught in the seat.
  • Arrange the seat belts in the proper positions for ready use.
  • Make sure that there are no objects under the seat cushion or on the loading floor.



■Before raising the bottom cushion

  • Make sure that there are no objects, such as cushions, on the seat cushion.
  • The seat belts must be stowed.
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    Driving position memory (driver's seat)

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