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After the ignition switch is turned off, the navigation system requires approximately a minute to record various types of memory and settings. As a result, after turning the ignition switch off, wait a minute or more before disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal.


(a) The navigation system uses an SD card containing data such as map data.

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SD Card

(b) Precaution for removing the SD card


  • If an authorized SD card is not used, the navigation system will not operate.
  • The SD card contains map data and various programs for the navigation system.

    Without the SD card inserted, the navigation system will not operate normally. Therefore, remove the SD card only when necessary, such as when updating the map data.

  • After removing the SD card, do not insert any other object into the SD card slot.
  • When inserting the SD card into the SD card slot, make sure that the SD card is free of foreign matter.
  • When inserting the SD card into the SD card slot, take care not to insert the SD card in the wrong direction.
  • After inserting the SD card, make sure that it is properly inserted into the SD card slot.

(1) Before removing the SD card, make sure that the ignition switch is turned off.

3. Precaution for handling the SD card


  • Do not touch the terminals with your hand or a metal object.
  • If a strong force is applied to the SD card, it may be damaged.
  • Do not leave the removed SD card in any of the following environments. If the SD card is affected adversely, it may result in a malfunction in the navigation system.
    • Places where static electricity or electronic noise is generated.
    • Places which are hot or humid.
    • Places where the SD card may be exposed to direct sunlight.
    • Places where condensation occurs.
    • Places which are prone to corrosion.
  • Do not use the SD card if the label has peeled off or someone has put a sticker or other label on the SD card.
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