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Basic audio operations

Basic audio operations and functions common to each mode are explained in this section.

Operating the multimedia system

Using the audio system

  1. Turn this knob to select radio station bands, tracks and files. Also the knob can be used to select items in the list display.
  2. Press the "" or "" button to seek up or down for a radio station, or to access a desired track or file.
  3. Press to pause or resume playing music.
  4. Press this knob to turn the multimedia system on and off, and turn it to adjust the volume.
  5. Press this button to eject a disc
  6. Insert a disc into the disc slot
  7. "Select Audio Source" screen appears
  8. Setting the Sound
  9. Pause or resume playing music
  10. Select to enable repeat play
  11. Select to enable random playback

Selecting the audio source

Switching between audio sources such as radio and CD are explained in this section.

Selecting the audio source

1. Press the "AUDIO" button.

2. Select "Source" on the audio control screen or press the "AUDIO" button again.

3. Select the desired audio source.

Using the audio system

■ Reordering the audio source

1. Select "Reorder".

2. Select the desired audio source then or to reorder.

3. Select "OK".

List screen operation

When a list style screen is displayed, use the appropriate buttons to scroll through the list.

How to scroll

: Select to scroll to the next or previous page.

: If appears to the right of titles, the complete titles are too long for the display. Select this button to scroll the title.

Using the audio system

Turn the "TUNE*SCROLL" knob to move the cursor box to select a desired item from the list, and press the "TUNE*SCROLL" knob to play it. The track that is being played is highlighted.

To return to the top screen, select "Now Playing" on the list screen.

Selecting, fast-forwarding and reversing tracks/files/songs

■ Selecting a track/file/song Press the "" or "" button on "SEEK/TRACK" or turn the "TUNE*SCROLL" knob to select the desired track/file/song number.

To fast-forward or reverse, press and hold the "" or "" button on "SEEK/TRACK".

■ Selecting a track/file/song from the track/file/song list

1. Select "Browse" or cover art.

2. Select the desired track/file/ song.

Using the audio system

When an MP3/WMA/AAC disc or USB memory device is being used, the folder can be selected. When a Bluetooth device or iPod is being used, the album can be selected.

According to the audio device, the following is displayed.

Using the audio system

Sound settings 

On the "Sound Settings" screen, sound quality (Treble/Mid/ Bass), volume balance can be adjusted.

Tone and balance

Select "Sound" on the audio control screen to adjust the sound settings.

Using the audio system

1, 2 ,3 - Select "-" or "+" to adjust the treble, mid or bass to a level between -5 and 5.

4, 5 - Select "Front" or "Rear" to adjust the front/rear audio balance.

6, 7 - Select "L" or "R" to adjust the left/right audio balance.

■The sound quality level is adjusted individually The treble, mid and bass levels can be adjusted for each audio mode separately.


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