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When disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal, initialize the following systems after the cable is reconnected.

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(a) Keep in mind the following points when inspecting the lane departure alert system.

  • The lane departure alert system warns the driver of lane departure in accordance with the road and driving conditions. However, the system alone is not sufficient for maintaining the vehicle position in the lane. Be sure to control the vehicle using the steering wheel to correct the vehicle's path while paying attention to your surroundings and the road ahead. Drive the vehicle in a responsible manner under all circumstances.
  • The lane departure alert system operates when it recognizes lane markers using the forward recognition camera mounted on the upper portion of the windshield. Therefore, the system does not operate when lane markers are not detected. Additionally, a warning buzzer may sound unnecessarily. Be sure to control the vehicle using the steering wheel in a responsible manner under all circumstances even when the system is operating.
  • The lane departure alert system operates when the lane departure alert main switch is turned on and lane markers are detected while the vehicle is traveling within the system operating speed. However, depending on the road and driving conditions, the system may not operate or operation may be canceled.


(a) If a terminal contact point malfunction or part installation problem occurs, removal and reinstallation of the suspected part may return the system to normal. However, be aware that the normal condition may only be temporary.

(b) Before disconnecting connectors or removing/installing parts, determine the malfunctioning area by checking and writing down the vehicle condition at the time the malfunction occurred (DTC outputs etc.).

(c) Be sure to check for DTCs related to other systems. The lane departure alert system may be influenced by malfunctions in other systems.


(a) When removing and installing ECUs, sensors, switches or other lane departure alert system related parts, perform the following:

  • Make sure that the ignition switch is off unless otherwise specified in the inspection procedure.
  • After removal/installation, check for DTCs and confirm that a normal system code is output.



(1) If the forward recognition camera has been replaced with a new one or the windshield glass has been removed and installed, it is necessary to perform Forward Recognition Camera Axis Adjustment. If the system is turned on without performing Forward Recognition Camera Axis Adjustment, DTC C1AA9 will be stored.

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(2) When replacing the forward recognition camera, replace it with a new one. If a forward recognition camera which was installed to another vehicle is used, the information stored in the forward recognition camera will not match the information from the vehicle and a DTC may be stored.

(3) When replacing the forward recognition camera, do not damage the camera lens or allow it to become contaminated with foreign matter.

(4) Do not reuse a forward recognition camera that has been dropped or subjected to a strong impact.


(1) When replacing the windshield glass of a vehicle equipped with a forward recognition camera, make sure to use a Toyota genuine part. If a non-Toyota genuine part is used, the forward recognition camera may not be able to be installed due to a missing bracket or the lane departure alert system may not operate properly due to a difference in the transmissivity or black ceramic border.

(2) Do not attach stickers, including transparent stickers, or other items to the outer side of the windshield glass assembly within the area in front of the forward recognition camera.

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