Toyota Tundra Service Manual: System Description



(a) This system has the following functions: automatic glare-resistant electrochromic (EC) mirror, electrical remote control type mirror, memory function, and windshield deicer-linked mirror heater.




Vertical mirror motor

Receives signal from mirror control ECU and adjusts remote control mirror vertically

Horizontal mirror motor

Receives signal from mirror control ECU and adjusts remote control mirror horizontally

Mirror retract motor

Receives signal from mirror control ECU, and retracts and returns remote control mirror

Mirror heater

Receives signal from A/C amplifier and starts mirror heater

Mirror retract switch

Retracts and returns remote control mirror. Mirror retract and return signals are sent to mirror control ECU from main body ECU (multiplex network body ECU).

Mirror master switch

Consists of R and L switches. One must be chosen before mirror control switches can be operated.

Outer mirror control ECU assembly

Sends operation signal to each motor

Mirror control switch

Mirror R and L signals are sent to outer mirror control ECU from outer mirror switch assembly.

After selecting R or L switch, RIGHT, LEFT, UP and DOWN control switches change angle of the mirror.

Mirror position sensor

Detects remote control mirror position. This data is detected by mirror control ECU.

Seat memory switch (SET, M1, M2, switch)

When SET switch and M1 or M2 switch are pressed simultaneously, signal is input to outer mirror control ECU and front power seat control ECU, which records mirror position.

EC mirror cell

Varies the reflection rate of the mirror through the function of the EC elements.


The remote control mirror has the following features:



Manual electrical retractable mirror

Retracts and returns remote control mirrors when mirror retract switch is pressed

Electrical remote control type mirror

When mirror control switch is operated, this function moves mirror surface vertically or horizontally to enable driver to attain optimal mirror angle. Selecting mirror master switch to R position operates right mirror, and setting it to L position operates left mirror.

Reverse shift-linked mirror

Directs the mirror surface downward to improve visibility when driving in reverse and all the conditions below are met:

  • Ignition switch ON
  • The shift lever is moved to R
  • The mirror master switch is in the R or L position

Rear window defogger-linked mirror heater

Automatically turns on the mirror heater when the rear window defogger switch is turned on.

The rear window defogger and mirror heater automatically turn off after 15 minutes.

Memory function

Stores adjusted mirror position in outer mirror control ECU

Automatic glare-resistant EC mirror

Reduce glare/reflection in the mirror during nighttime driving for safe driving conditions.

Glare/reflection from vehicle headlights from behind could blind the driver and cause dangerous driving conditions.

    Reverse Shift-linked Function of Power Mirrors does not Operate

    System Diagram

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