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When replacing the sliding roof drive gear, the new sliding roof drive gear requires initialization. If a reset is not executed, the following functions do not operate: AUTO operation and jam protection function.

(a) Turn the ignition switch ON.

(b) By pushing the SLIDE switch to close or the TILT switch to up on the roof console box, make the sliding roof operate as follows:

TILT UP → approximately 1 second → TILT UP (The sliding roof lowers a little after it is fully tilted up.)

(c) Check that the sliding roof stops at the fully closed position.

(d) Finish the initialization.

(e) Check that the AUTO operation works normally.


If the following conditions occur while operating, initialization will fail.

  • Ignition switch is turned off.
  • Pushed sliding roof switch is released while sliding roof is operating.


  • If the sliding roof cannot fully close or its position has become misaligned, perform the initialization again.
  • If the sliding roof TILT switch to up or SLIDE switch to close is pressed and held until the roof glass has either stopped moving or started moving in the opposite direction, and then the switch is held for another 10 seconds or more, perform the initialization again.
  • If the AUTO operation function and jam protection function do not operate after the drive gear has been initialized, replace the sliding roof drive gear (sliding roof ECU).
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