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  • In very cold weather where a malfunction display appears, the sensor may not detect obstacles.
  • If the malfunction display appears, visually check the sensor first. If the sensor is free of foreign matter but the malfunction display remains, the sensor may have a malfunction.

(a) Under the following conditions, the detection function may not function properly:

(1) The sensor is covered with foreign matter, such as mud or snow (detection function returns to normal if sensor is cleaned).

(2) The sensor is frozen (detection function returns to normal when defrosted).

(3) A hand is blocking the sensor.

(b) The detection range may be affected by the following conditions:

(1) The sensor is covered with foreign matter, such as mud or snow.

(2) The vehicle is in a very hot or cold area.

(c) Under the following conditions, a detection error may occur:

(1) Driving on a bumpy road, on an unpaved road or in tall grass.

(2) Another vehicle's horn, motorcycle engine sounds, a large vehicle's air brake sound, another vehicle's sonar or other things that transmit ultrasonic waves are near the vehicle.

(3) It is raining heavily or water is sprayed on the sensor.

(4) The vehicle is extremely tilted.

(5) The vehicle is equipped with a commercial fender pole or a wireless mechanism antenna.

(6) The sensor is covered with foreign matter, such as mud or snow.

(7) The vehicle is moved forward or backward towards high curbs or objects that are perpendicular to the ground.

(d) The sensor cannot detect the following objects.

(1) Thin objects, such as wires and ropes.

(2) Materials that easily absorb ultrasonic waves, such as cotton, snow, etc.

(3) Objects with sharp edges.

(4) Short objects.

(5) Tall objects with a projected upper part.

(e) Other notices:

(1) The sensor cannot detect objects directly under the bumper. (The sensor may detect low objects and thin poles, and then lose track of the objects.)

(2) The sensor may be unable to detect obstacles that are too close to the sensor.

(3) The sensor may be unable to detect obstacles if it is dropped or subjected to a strong impact.

(4) Be aware that the detection range of this system is limited. In certain conditions, some objects may not be detected. Always make sure to check all around the vehicle when driving or parking.

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