Toyota Tundra Owners Manual: Turn signal lever

Operating instructions

  1. Right turn
  2. Lane change to the right (move the lever partway and release it)
    The right hand signals will flash 3 times.
  3. Lane change to the left (move the lever partway and release it)
    The left hand signals will flash 3 times.
  4. Left turn

Driving procedures

■Turn signals can be operated when The engine switch is in the "ON" position.

■If the indicator flashes faster than usual Check that a light bulb in the front or rear turn signal lights has not burned out.

Parking brake

To set the parking brake, fully depress the parking brake pedal with your left foot while depressing the brake pedal with your right foot.

(Depressing the pedal again releases the parking brake.)

Driving procedures


■Before driving Fully release the parking brake.

Driving the vehicle with the parking brake set will lead to brake components overheating, which may affect braking performance and increase brake wear.

    Automatic transmission

    Operating the lights and wipers

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