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(a) When there is a malfunction in the contact point of the terminals or installation problems with parts, removal and installation of the suspected problem parts may return the system to the normal condition either completely or temporarily.

(b) To determine the malfunctioning area, use DTCs and other data to help determine conditions at the time of the malfunction. Write down the data before disconnecting connectors or removing and installing parts.

(c) Since the system may be influenced by malfunctions in systems other than the trailer brake control system, be sure to check for DTCs in other systems.


(a) When disconnecting the battery terminal, the stored gain value will be reset.

Before disconnecting the battery terminal, record the set gain value before performing work.


After the battery terminal is disconnected, the gain value is set to 5.0 (initial value).

(b) The usable trailer output is limited to 24 A.


(a) Some DTCs cannot be cleared only by repairing the malfunctioning parts. To clear the warning, clear the DTC.


If a part is still malfunctioning even after the DTC is cleared, the DTC will be stored again.


(a) The trailer brake control ECU (brake control with bracket relay), skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly), acceleration sensor (airbag sensor assembly) and combination meter assembly communicate via CAN communication. A communication line malfunction DTC is output when there is a problem with CAN communication.

(b) If any CAN communication line DTCs are output, repair the malfunction in the communication lines and troubleshoot the trailer brake control system after data communication becomes normal.

(c) In order to enable CAN communication, a specific type of wiring is used for the CAN communication lines. The wiring used for each communication line is a twisted pair of wires that have an equal length. A bypass wire should not be used because the data being transmitted will be corrupted.

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