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Received messages can be forwarded from the connected Bluetooth phone, enabling checking and replying using the multimedia system.

Depending on the type of Bluetooth phone connected, received messages may not be transferred to the message inbox.

If the phone does not support the message function, this function cannot be used.

Displaying "Message Inbox" screen

1. Press the switch on the steering wheel or press the button.

2. Select on the phone screen.

3. Check that the "Message Inbox" screen is displayed.

Receiving a message

When an e-mail/SMS/MMS is received, the incoming message screen pops up with sound and is ready to be operated on the screen.

  1. E-mail: Select to check the message.
  2. Select to refuse the message.
  3. Select to call the message sender.

Bluetooth phone

■Receiving a message

  • Depending on the cellular phone used for receiving messages, or its registration status with the navigation system, some information may not be displayed.
  • The pop up screen is separately available for incoming e-mail and SMS/ MMS messages under the following conditions:


    • "Incoming E-mail Display" is set to "Full Screen".
    • "E-mail Notification Popup" is set to on.


    • "Incoming SMS/MMS Display" is set to "Full screen".
    • "SMS/MMS Notification Popup" is set to on.

Checking the messages

1.  Display the "Message Inbox" screen.

2. Select the desired message from the list.

3. Check that the message is displayed.

  1. E-mails: Select "Mark
    Unread" or "Mark Read" to mark mail unread or read on the "Message Inbox" screen.

    This function is available when "Update Message Read Status on Phone" is set to on

  2. Select to make a call to the sender.
  3. Select to have messages read out. To cancel this function, select "Stop".
  4. Select to display the previous or next message.
  5. Select to reply the message.

Bluetooth phone

■Check the messages

  • Depending on the type of Bluetooth phone being connected, it may be necessary to perform additional steps on the phone.
  • Messages are displayed in the appropriate connected Bluetooth phone's registered mail address folder.

    Select the tab of the desired folder to be displayed.

  • Only received messages on the connected Bluetooth phone can be displayed.
  • The text of the message is not displayed while driving.
  • When "Automatic Message Readout" is set to on, messages will be automatically read out.
  • Turn the "PWR-VOL" knob to adjust the message read out volume.
  • The message read out function is available even while driving

Replying to a message

1. Display the "Message Inbox" screen.

2. Select the desired message from the list.

3. Select "Quick Message".

4. Select the desired message.

5. Select "Send".

■ Editing quick reply message This operation cannot be performed while driving.

1. Select "Quick Message".

2. Select corresponding to the desired message to edit.

3. Select "OK" when editing is completed.

Calling the message sender

Calls can be made to an e-mail/SMS/MMS message sender's phone number.

1. Display the "Message Inbox" screen.

2. Select the desired message.

3. Select .

4. Check that the "Call" screen is displayed.

■ Calling from a number within a message Calls can be made to a number identified in a message's text area.

1. Display the "Message Inbox" screen.

2. Select the desired message.

3. Select the text area.

4. Select corresponding to the desired number.

5. Check that the "Call" screen is displayed.

Using the steering wheel switches

The steering wheel switches can be used to operate a connected cellular phone.

Operating a telephone using the steering wheel switches

  1. Volume switch
    • Increase/Decrease the volume
    • Press and hold: Continuously increase/ decrease the volume
  2. Off hook switch
    • Make a call
    • Receive a call
    • Display "Phone" screen
  3. On hook switch
    • End a call
    • Refuse a call

    Speaking on the phone

    Bluetooth phone settings

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