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Voice command system

The voice command system enables the hands-free system to be operated using voice commands.

Operations of the voice command system can be performed by selecting the menu corresponding to each function on the screen. Even if any menu is selected, commands displayed on all menus can be operated.

Using the voice command system

1. Press the talk switch.

Voice command system

  1. Select to train voice recognition.
  2. Select to start the voice recognition tutorial.

Voice command system

2. Select "OK" and say the desired command.

On the list screen, you can select the desired command.

To cancel the voice command system, press and hold the talk switch.

■When using the microphone

  • It is unnecessary to speak directly into the microphone when giving a command.
  • Voice commands may not be recognized if:
    • Spoken too quickly.
    • Spoken at a low or high volume.
    • The roof or windows are open.
    • Passengers are talking while voice commands are spoken.
    • The air conditioning speed is set high.
    • The air conditioning vents are turned towards the microphone.
  • In the following conditions, the system may not recognize the command properly and using voice commands may not be possible:
    • The command is incorrect or unclear. Note that certain words, accents or speech patterns may be difficult for the system to recognize.
    • There is excessive background noise, such as wind noise.

Casual speech recognization

Due to natural language speech recognition technology, this system enables recognition of a command when spoken naturally. However, the system cannot recognize every variation of each command.

In some situations, it is possible to omit the command for the procedure and directly state the desired operation.

Not all voice commands are displayed in the short cut menu.

This function is available in English, Spanish and French.

■ Expression examples for each function


Expression examples

"Call <name> <type>" Get me <Robert Brown>.

Call <Robert Brown> on <Work> phone.

"Dial <number>" Dial <3334445555>.

Get me <3334445555>.

Mobile Assistant

The Mobile Assistant feature will activate Apple's Siri Eyes Free mode via the steering wheel switches. To operate the Mobile Assistant, a compatible cellular phone must be registered and connected to this system via Bluetooth.

1. Press and hold the until you hear the beeps.

Voice command system

2. The Mobile Assistant can be used only when the following screen is displayed.

To cancel the Mobile Assistant, select "Cancel", or press and hold the on the steering wheel.

To restart the Mobile Assistant for additional commands, press the on the steering wheel.

Voice command system

  • Mobile Assistant can only be restarted after the system responds to a voice command.
  • After some phone and music commands, the Mobile Assistant feature will automatically end to complete the requested action.

■ Adjusting the Mobile Assistant volume The volume of the Mobile Assistant can be adjusted using the "PWR/VOL" knob of steering wheel volume switches. The Mobile Assistant and phone call volumes are synchronized.

■Notes about Mobile Assistant

  • The available features and functions may vary based on the iOS version installed on the connected device.
  • Some Siri features are limited in Eyes Free mode. If you attempt to use an unavailable function, Siri will inform you that the function is not available.
  • If Siri is not enabled on the cellular phone connected via Bluetooth, an error message will be displayed on the screen.
  • While a phone call is active, the Mobile Assistant cannot be used.
  • If using the navigation feature of the cellular phone, ensure the active audio source is Bluetooth audio or iPod in order to hear turn by turn direction prompts.
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