Toyota Tundra Service Manual: Data List / Active Test




In the table below, the values listed under "Normal Condition" are reference values. Do not depend solely on these reference values when deciding whether a part is faulty or not.


Using the Techstream to read the Data List allows the values or states of switches, sensors, actuators and other items to be read without removing any parts. This non-intrusive inspection can be very useful because intermittent conditions or signals may be discovered before parts or wiring is disturbed. Reading the Data List information early in troubleshooting is one way to save diagnostic time.

(a) Turn the ignition switch off.

(b) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3.

(c) Turn the ignition switch to ON.

(d) Turn the Techstream on.

(e) Enter the following menus: Body Electrical / SRS Airbag / Data List.

(f) Read the Data List according to the display on the Techstream.

SRS Airbag

Tester Display

Measurement Item/Range

Normal Condition

Diagnostic Note

Driver Seat Position

Driver Seat Position/

Forward: Seat position is forward

Backward: Seat position is backward

Fail: Failure is detected

Forward, Backward


Passenger Classification

Front Passenger Classification/

NG: Data is not determined

Child: Child is seated or vacant

AF05: Adult is seated

AM50: Adult is seated

Fail: Failure is detected



Left side Buckle SW

Front seat belt LH/

Unset: Front seat belt LH not fastened

Set: Front seat inner belt LH fastened

NG: Data is not determined



Right side Buckle SW

Front seat belt RH/

Unset: Front seat belt RH not fastened

Set: Front seat belt RH fastened

NG: Data is not determined



Display Type Information

Display Type Information/

LR: Display is indicated by LH / RH

DP: Display is indicated by Driver Side / Front Passenger Side



Number of Past DTC

Number of Past DTC/

Min.: 0, Max.: 255



    Check Mode Procedure

    Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart

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