Toyota Tundra Service Manual: System Description



(a) This system has a television camera assembly mounted on the tail gate to assist the driver in parking the vehicle by displaying an image of the area behind the vehicle. The system displays the image on the navigation receiver assembly.

(b) This system consists of the following components:

(1) Navigation receiver assembly

(2) Television camera assembly

(3) Park/neutral position switch assembly

(c) This system is equipped with a self-diagnosis system, which is operated from a dedicated window that appears on the display panel, just as in the navigation system.


(a) The navigation receiver assembly controls the system by using information from the following components:



Television camera assembly

  • Captures the view behind the vehicle and transmits the image to the navigation receiver assembly.
  • Has a color video camera that uses a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) and wide-angle lens.

Navigation receiver assembly

  • Receives the video signals which contain an image of the area behind the vehicle taken with the television camera.
  • Performs control of the system by receiving a shift position signal from the park/neutral position switch assembly.
  • Displays the rear view monitor image on the display panel.

Park/neutral position switch assembly

Transmits a reverse signal to the navigation receiver assembly.


(a) The park/neutral position switch assembly outputs the R position signal to the navigation receiver assembly when the shift lever is moved to R. After receiving the R position signal, the navigation receiver assembly switches to the rear view monitor system.

    Screen Flicker or Color Distortion

    System Diagram

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